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Transform YOur life 

The goal of mentoring is to pair up someone with extensive knowledge and experience with someone who hasn't yet attained those same levels of expertise.

You can gain knowledge from experiences other than your own by asking someone with more experience than you for advice, guidance, and to act as a sounding board for your ideas. 


Having a mentor is essential to your continuing development in both your work and in life.

What is a mentor?


A mentor is someone who gives you advice on how to develop your abilities, make wiser choices, and obtain fresh viewpoints on your life and profession. 

Your mentor will use their experience to help you now and in the future with your professional or personal life as a mentee. A mentor is someone you may look to for guidance and a role model to emulate rather than learning by doing.

While mentoring can be scary, it shouldn't be.

Being a mentee may make you feel as though you have to be transparent about all your difficulties and failings. 

In any case, mentoring can be scary. It need not, however, feel that way.

Both the mentee and the mentors stand to gain a variety of advantages from a mentoring arrangement. In fact, the majority of experts saw coaching and mentoring as a crucial performance facilitator.

Choose the Plan for You

I offer coaching, consulting, and support for your personal and professional development.

  • Transform Your Life

    Every month
    1:1 Mentoring for Physical, and Emotional Health
    • Weekly Calls with Richard to apply:
    • Nervous System Regulation Practices
    • Workout Routines to Overcome Emotional Traumas
    • Discovering Symptom's Root-Cause
    • Pain Relief Exercise Routines
    • Stress Relief Breathing Techniques
    • Educational Material to Learn About Your Body
  • Unleash Your Health

    Every month
    2:1 Mentoring for Physical, Emotional and Hormonal Health
    • Weekly Call with Richard and Dr. Ed Caddye to Assess:
    • Daily Rhythm and Environmental Optimisation
    • Workout Routine to Overcome Emotional Traumas
    • Cellular Health Recommendations
    • Discovering Symptom's Root-Cause
    • Gut and Immune System Profiling
    • Food Intolerance Identification
    • Horomone Assessment and Balance
    • Nervous System Regulation Practices
    • Stress Relief Breathing Techniques
    • Educational Material to Learn About Your Body

*Prices are in USD

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