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Richard Aceves is a movement specialist, specialised in pain relief, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety disorders. He has over 6 years of experience in linking the relationship between muscular pain and past emotional trauma that has stored in the body.


For more than 6 years, he has taught movement through courses and seminars in several countries. In his private mentorships, courses and retreats, he brings together a set of movement and breathing techniques so that people can awaken the power that we all possess within.


Through this set of techniques and the power of visualisation, he teaches how to turn off stress mechanisms and how to awaken the power to create the personal reality that each person has.


As a result of various physical traumas, he explored movement, easter techniques and the nervous system as a way of rehabilitation for both physical and emotional trauma.


He then learned several of the techniques that he teaches today in the courses and programs, with which he was healed, and helps thousands of people to transform the pain of the past into learning to create a happy life.


Since the beginning of his formation as a movement specialist, he has integrated the mind, the body and the union of the spiritual side of the human.

Passionate To Inspire Others

I have a diverse athletic background that started with powerlifting, providing me with a solid strength foundation. However, when I discovered a passion for rock climbing and mountaineering, I had to find a new way to train to complement these sports. "Functional Fitness" was it! I started Functional Fitness in 2007. I was immediately addicted to the sport, which allowed me to maintain most of my strength and build the endurance and stamina necessary for high peaks and long climbs. 


​In 2009, I was hit by a boulder on Pico De Orizaba in Mexico. During four months of being bed-written, I pondered about what to do with my life. I realised that educating others and pushing them way beyond their limits was what I was here to do. Since then, I have worked tirelessly in understanding the human body in its entirety. 


I owned and operated a Crossfit Gym and Corporate Wellness program for seven years. In 2016 I sold the gym to travel worldwide and educate other passionate coaches on movement, identity, and assessment principles. I have performed over 1200 individual assessments helping humans get out of discomfort and rehabilitate from injury and trauma. My goal is for other coaches to be able to also help their clients. And, that's why I created The Barracuda Way. By educating coaches and developing their knowledge and coach's eye, we are able to collectively make a positive and needed change in the Fitness Industry. 


Coaching allowed me to get to know people all around the world and notice patterns in muscle imbalances and body discomfort/pain that led to the same behavioural traits (lack of confidence, insecurities, lack of being present, lack of drive or excitement- to name a few). This is where my interest in emotional mapping began. The development of emotional mapping showed me that discomfort points in the body are directly linked to emotional trauma and need to be dealt with in an active way. 


There is so much more to training and movement than looking good naked or lifting heavy, those are byproducts. Movement can heal us. We can deal with our anxiety, stress, depression and trauma. If we work on our physical, mental, and emotional self, we allow our light to shine.

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