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Movement Ayahuasca

Learn to Heal Yourself Physically and Emotionally through Movement and Breath.

What is Movement Ayahuasca?
Richard Aceves'Journey

Richard Aceves' Journey

Movement Ayahuasca is a culmination of my life. I have always enjoyed life, but  having a near death experience gave me an understanding of the importance of  being present and enjoying life to the fullest. Because of this experience, 14 years ago I decided to work closely with people as a coach.


Coaching allowed me to get to know people all around the world and notice patterns in muscle imbalances and body discomfort/pain that led to the same behavioural traits such as confidence, insecurities, father/mother issues, lack of being present, lack of drive or excitement, to name a few.


This is where my interest in emotional mapping began. The development of emotional mapping showed me that discomfort points in the body are directly linked to emotional trauma and need to be dealt with in an active way. 


There is so much more to training and movement than looking good naked or lifting heavy, those are byproducts. Movement can heal us. We can deal with our anxiety, stress, depression and trauma. If we work on our physical, mental, and emotional self, we allow our light to shine. 



My husband and I started our programme together after 6 years of an extremely traumatic (health-related and non-health-related) journey. We did not take this decision lightly and wanted to give it our all.


That means we were prepared to be brutally honest, putting in the work and letting Richard and Ed help us.

What's so special about these two is that they care about you and they listen. You are not just another patient or another tragic case to them. And even better, they know how to help you.


But. It does take time and effort! There are many different components to the programme and it feels like A LOT, especially at the beginning. You get to know your strengths and your weaknesses, physically and in your relationship with yourself and others. Working on those will take you out of your comfort zone and you need to really trust the process and commit.


Two months into the programme and I am strength training regularly (which I have never done before) and gained confidence in my body after very intense surgery. There have been setbacks - but Richard and Ed have been right there, every step of the way. I have been able to express some very intense and bottled up emotions and I have started to (re-)connect to my body and learnt to also give myself a break and celebrate how far I've come.


It is wonderful to have something positive and active to focus on in your life, rather than the terrible stuff you've been through. I've been given tools to help restore my body, come back to myself, deal with intense emotions and be more balanced. It is an ongoing process for sure, but I am excited to keep learning and healing!

Lastly, although it is deep stuff you are talking about and working through, there's always time for a joke and some fun!

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